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INDIAN DECOR unveils a new era in home decor, presenting a stunning array of pieces that seamlessly blend beauty, excitement, and tasteful design, catering to every budget. Committed to responsible selling, we pledge to deliver impeccable home decor characterized by exquisite design and uncompromising quality.

All our products are proudly manufactured in India, a testament to our dedication to the nation's rich craftsmanship. Our team, comprising talented craftsmen and women, invests heart and soul to ensure the delivery of the finest products to our cherished customers.

Our vision extends beyond borders, as we aspire to bring locally crafted treasures to the online market. This endeavor is not merely about commerce but a passionate initiative to revive the presence of Indian artisans on a unified national and global platform. Join us in celebrating the craftsmanship, culture, and elegance woven into every piece we offer.

Our Services

  1. Budget-Friendly Elegance: Discover tasteful furniture options that align with your budget without compromising on style.
  2. Tailored Solutions: Our services cater to all budgets, ensuring personalized solutions for every home.
  3. Quality Within Reach: Experience the perfect blend of quality craftsmanship and cost-effectiveness.
  4. Affordable Luxury: Elevate your space with our services designed to bring luxurious touches to every budget.

Unveil a world of possibilities where your budget meets exceptional style in our service offerings.

Our Story

In the pursuit of our vision for minimalist metal furniture, we embarked on a journey that began with a simple desire—our own need for sleek, space-efficient designs. Our commitment to sustainability became the driving force behind our choice to exclusively craft furniture from 100 percent recyclable metal—a bold decision that sets our creations apart, blending style seamlessly with eco-conscious living.

With a humble start, armed with a modest setup and a handful of general-purpose machines, we laid the foundation for our venture. Fueling our passion, we curated a team of local craftsmen and women, each contributing their unique skills to our evolving narrative. Today, 11 years since our inception, we proudly manufacture all our products in-house, a testament to our dedication to quality. From intricate details to overall craftsmanship, our focus remains unwavering. Join the multitude of satisfied clients who have embraced our furniture, as we continue to deliver quality and sophistication to homes worldwide.

Our Team

Meet the creative minds behind our business—a team driven by passion and dedicated to crafting excellence. With diverse talents and a shared commitment to innovation, our team transforms visions into tangible, stylish realities. From design enthusiasts to meticulous craftsmen, each member adds a unique touch to our collective pursuit of creating exceptional furniture experiences. Together, we strive to elevate your living spaces with sophistication and comfort, ensuring every piece tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

Marvin McKinney

CEO, co-founder

Dianne Russell

CEO, co-founder

Kristin Watson

CEO, co-founder
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Our Collection

Explore our Furniture exquisite Collections, where craftsmanship meets elegance


  • Chair Collection:

From modern chic to classic comfort, explore our diverse chair collection for a perfect seating experience.


  • Table Collection:

Functional artistry at its finest – discover tables that seamlessly merge style and practicality.


  • Sofa Collection:

Indulge in luxury and relaxation with our curated sofa collection, where comfort meets design.


  • Armchair Collection:

Elevate your space with our exclusive armchair collection, offering a perfect blend of style and coziness.


  • Bed Collection:

Dive into ultimate comfort and style with our curated bed collection, where dreams find a perfect haven.


  • Storage Solutions:

Organize in elegance with our storage collection, blending functionality seamlessly with chic designs.


  • Textile Elegance:

Wrap your space in luxury with our textile collection, adding softness and sophistication to every corner.


  • Radiant Lighting:

Illuminate your world with our lighting collection, where each piece brings warmth and style to your home.


  • Playful Toys:

Spark joy with our playful toy collection, crafted for endless fun and delightful moments.


  • Decor Accents:

Transform your space with our decor collection, where every piece tells a story of timeless elegance and personal style.